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SIG HCM 11 december 2014



* HE Tubing

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SIG Health November 25, 2014

Find here below the presentations

* Standaard Oracle Rapportages in Excel

* Oracle Reporting Center

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Presentatie SIG eBS dd 21 februari 2013

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Presentaties SIG Health 8 november 2012

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Presentaties SIG Health 2 april 2012

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SIG APEX en eBS integration

On Wednesday February 15th, over 50 customers and partners visited the joined session of the special interest groups for eBS Logistics, HRMS and Technology together with APEX to learn about the various ways of integrating APEX and eBS.

Thanks to all the presenters who explained the subject and also thanks to MCX who provided the organizers with an environment to demonstrate live the integration. 
It was a well organized event, appreciated by the audience.

At the end of the article you find all presentations and whitepaper for download, use following link to read Dimitri's blog on learning the integration.



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Retrospective SIG PSoft HCM November 24 Antwerp

On thursday november 24 2011, over 40 PeopleSoft customers and partners visited the special interest group for PeopleSoft HCM at the wonderful venue of "Kasteel Rivierenhof"in Antwerp.
It was a perfect organized day with a lot of new functionality about PeopleSoft HCM and PeopleTools.

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Presentaties SIG Health 6 oktober 2011


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