SIG leaders wanted :

One of the main activities within the OBUG our special interest groups (SIGs)

The main objective of our SIG's is the exchange of knowledge between members and Oracle specialists by providing knowledge to our members. The OBUG distinguishes many SIGs, each headed by a SIG leader.

The SIG leader is the driver of the knowledge groups. He facilitates and organizes one or more meetings per year on his or her knowledge. He or she decides on the content for a meeting, send invitations with support from the Secretariat to the members. Registration for a SIG meeting is through the online module on the website OBUG.

Currently, a number of volunteers are working on the BI SIG shape.
For several other SIGs the OBUG is still looking for leaders. Are you willing to help shape one of the SIG's where we are looking for initiators, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Currently we're looking for the next SIG leaders:


  • SIG Middleware and SOA
  • SIG Enterprise Management
  • SIG Enterprise 2.0
  • SIG eBS Technology
  • SIG Development Tools
  • SIG Application Server / grid
  • SIG Securtiy & Identity Management

Applications :

  • Siebel CRM SIG
  • SIG JDEdwards


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