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OBUG signifie Oracle Benelux User Group. L'Oracle Benelux User Group est l'association des utilisateurs de produits Oracle au Benelux. En plus des utilisateurs de produits Oracle, des partenaires peuvent devenir membres extraordinaires de l'OBUG. Un membre extraordinaire n'a pas de droit de vote pour la prise de décisions au sein de l'association. Un autre tarif leur est réservé.

Les frais d'adhésion représentent :

Pour les membres 300 € (TVA exclue)

Adhésion partenaires (Associate member) 500 € (TVA exclue)


  • Interview Matthew Banks

    Watch the interview with Matthew Banks, Senior Director CX Solutions, held at OBUG Experience 2015

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  • Interview Jeremy Ashley

    Watch the interview with Jeremy Ashley, Vice President of the Oracle Applications User Experience group, held at OBUG Experience 2015

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  • Interview Andrew Sutherland

    Watch the interview with Dr. Andrew Sutherland held at OBUG Experience 2015

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  • Retrospective Experience 2015

    On March 24 OBUG organized a great event on Innovation at the Evoluon in Eindhoven.
    An inspiring event about gamification, robotification, user experience and customer experience.

    Below watch the photo's and video of this emerging event.

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  • 2nd Real World Performance Tour again succesfull
    Retrospective Real World Performance Tour February 11, 2015
    The 2nd Real World Performance Tour, which has taken place on February 11 in the Chassé Theatre in Breda (The Netherlands), was once again a great success. 
    Tom Kyte, Andrew Holdsworth and Graham Wood knew to captivate over 150 DBA's, application developers, architects etc. an entire day with their impressive and humorous simultaneous presentation. On 3 large screens the gave an interactive demo using tuning mechanism and tooling to show the opportunities for improvement of the performance of applications, Oracle database, SQL's and Java and how you can get the maximum out of them.
    In short, a very practical 'training' session where both the visitors as the presenters were very excited about. Also the people who participated already last year have seen many new aspects.
    We are looking forward to organize the event again next year!


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