OBUG Structure

OBUG Structure

The OBUG structure is as follows:

The Executive Board leads the organization OBUG, which further comprises an application part and a technology section. See organization chart below for the composition of the Executive Board


Among them the executive resort Special Interest Groups (SIGs).


The SIG's are divided into the main branches.
  1. Applications
  2. Technology
The application SIGs are led by Executive Vice President Applications, while Executive Vice President Technoloy gives guidance and direction to the SIG's technology. The SIG's are evolving and the heart of the OBUG. There are still new SIGs formed. Currently, a number of volunteers are working on shaping the BI SIG. Once completed this SIG will also become operational.
Since July 1st 2013  the structure of the applications Special Interest Groups is as follows:


Technical SIG are still completely under construction. Because the base of the OBUG occurs primarily from the corner application. OBUG the Technical Special Interest Groups in a big battle to make. Currently we are fully dedicated. Together with Oracle is further shaped the SIG structuur.op technology field.

As of January 2014 the structure for the technology Special Interest Groups is as follows:





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