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OBUG staat voor Oracle Benelux User Group. De Oracle Benelux User Group is de gebruikersvereniging voor gebruikers van Oracle producten in de Benelux. Naast gebruikers van Oracle producten, kunnen partners ook buitengewoon lid worden van de OBUG. Een buitengewoon lid heeft geen stemrecht, daar waar het gaat om het nemen van beslissingen binnen de vereniging. Ook geldt voor buitengwone leden een ander tarief voor het lidmaatschap. Voor het overige gelden dezelfde regels als voor gewone leden..

De kosten van het lidmaatschap bedragen op jaarbasis (lidmaatschap per kalenderjaar en per bedrijf)::
- Voor eindgebruikers van Oracle producten:   € 300,00
- Voor buitengewone leden (Oracle partners): € 500,00


  • Retrospective OBUG EBS Day 2015

    The EBS Day - June 2, 2015 - was a again a great success, with 140 attendants who have enjoyed a good program on an attractive venue, the ss Rotterdam. 

    Again, the eBS day 2015 was a success, as witnessed by the number of participants as well as the “evaluations” we heard during the breaks and drinks. 

    The presentations by Cliff Godwin were considered open and honest, the content was good and many clients also responded positively to the additional information on what can be applied from eBS and as Cloud Apps add-ons. Cliff’s honest feedback on the acceptance and readiness of eBS 12.2 was also very useful for the participants. Oracle offers clients the choice between continuing to use 12.1.3 or switching to 12.2 on the basis of substantive features, and then mainly if large international clients or business-critical eBS environments with 24/7 availability are involved. Attention was again drawn to the advantages of User Experience and the add-ons from Endeca and Mobile Apps.

    The breakout sessions were well received, although some participants commented on APEX’s prominent presence and wondered if this was the right strategic course for the long term in accordance with the Applications guidelines?

    Nadia’s concluding keynote speech was also well received. She provided a lot of explanation, particularly on the co-existence and the possibilities of Cloud Applications for eBS users.

    All in all, a well received eBS day that certainly deserves a follow-up in 2016.


    You will find the presentations, photos, film and interviews with Cliff Godwin and Nadia Bendjedou here below (read more)

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  • Retrospective SIG JD Edwards 2015, May 21 - Upgrades and tools, opportunities & threats

    Op donderdag 21 mei jl. vond in hotel Van der Valk in Vianen de SIG bijeenkomst 'Upgrades and tools' plaats, voor en door de gebruikers, met ondersteuning van een aantal partners.


    The first OBUG SIG JDE meeting was a real addition to other JD Edwards meetings.

    The chosen set-up ‘for and by users’ was a success.

    A lot of practical experience was exchanged, as well as information on the choices fellow companies make when using JDE.

    During the 21 May meeting, there was a clear focus on upgrades for JDE Functional and JDE Tools.

    The partners also responded well to the demand for practical examples.

    In the presentation by the partners, a big effort was also made to provide hands-on information and examples of best practice.

    We want to urge OBUG members who did not attend the first meeting to be there next time.

    Only if there is plenty of interest from users can we exchange good and important information about using JDE.

    In the short term, everyone will be able to benefit from this.

    In the long term, we will be able to pass on our suggestions and wishes via the partners or directly using Oracle.

    So register now for 24 June


    De presentaties zijn downloadable door op Lees Meer te klikken.

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  • Retrospective PeopleSoft Roadshow 2015

    On April 1 (no joke) the 2015 Peoplesoft Roadshow took place at Kasteel Brasschaet in Brasschaat near Antwerp.
    With over 70 attendees a well attended event, where Marc Weintraub opened the roadshow with a question to the audience "IS PEOPLESOFT DEAD?

    During the day he learned all people present that the answer to this question is "NO".
    Marc.together with Corina Trif showed the audience that there is a lot for PeopleSoft customers to look forward to in the coming period.

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  • Retrospective Experience 2015

    On March 24 OBUG organized a great event on Innovation at the Evoluon in Eindhoven.
    An inspiring event about gamification, robotification, user experience and customer experience.

    Below watch the photo's and video of this emerging event.

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  • Interview Andrew Sutherland

    Watch the interview with Dr. Andrew Sutherland held at OBUG Experience 2015

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  • Interview Jeremy Ashley

    Watch the interview with Jeremy Ashley, Vice President of the Oracle Applications User Experience group, held at OBUG Experience 2015

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  • Interview Matthew Banks

    Watch the interview with Matthew Banks, Senior Director CX Solutions, held at OBUG Experience 2015

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