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OBUG represents Oracle Benelux User Group. The Oracle Benelux User Group is the User Group for users of Oracle products in the Benelux. Besides users of Oracle products, partners may also be associate members of the OBUG. An Associate Member shall not vote, where it comes to making decisions within the club. Associate member pay a different rate for their membership.

For the rest, the same rules apply as for ordinary members.

The fee for a membership per company, per calendar year, amounts:
- Members (End users):  € 300,00
- Associate members:    € 500,00


  • Retrospective PeopleSoft Roadshow 2015

    On April 1 (no joke) the 2015 Peoplesoft Roadshow took place at Kasteel Brasschaet in Brasschaat near Antwerp.
    With over 70 attendees a well attended event, where Marc Weintraub opened the roadshow with a question to the audience "IS PEOPLESOFT DEAD?

    During the day he learned all people present that the answer to this question is "NO".
    Marc.together with Corina Trif showed the audience that there is a lot for PeopleSoft customers to look forward to in the coming period.

  • Retrospective Experience 2015

    On March 24 OBUG organized a great event on Innovation at the Evoluon in Eindhoven.
    An inspiring event about gamification, robotification, user experience and customer experience.

    Below watch the photo's and video of this emerging event.

  • Interview Andrew Sutherland

    Watch the interview with Dr. Andrew Sutherland held at OBUG Experience 2015

  • Interview Jeremy Ashley

    Watch the interview with Jeremy Ashley, Vice President of the Oracle Applications User Experience group, held at OBUG Experience 2015

  • Interview Matthew Banks

    Watch the interview with Matthew Banks, Senior Director CX Solutions, held at OBUG Experience 2015



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